Since March 2006, a few months after I moved to Tryggvagata, I've been making timelapse videos of the view out the window. There are some gaps, when the computer was down, and once even due to some stupid open source politics taking the driver away. No matter, I have pretty good coverage.

The videos are made using Motion. Motion is primarily used for security webcams, it can detect motion in the video, and only start recording then. But it's pretty configurable, and can also be set up to make timelapse movies. I have it set up for one frame per minute, every minute of every day.

So that means lots of the blinking traffic lights in the dark in winter, and lots of clouds and moving shadows and glorious sunlight in winter ;)

The view looks out over a Thai restaraunt, across to a fish packing plant, the old harbour, and across to Esja.

Some highlights

These are just some. I haven't even looked at all the footage, these are just ones that I've noticed and noted down. If you explore the archives you could find all sorts of things. Let me know about them and I'll include them here. Things to look for, ships coming into harbour, Karl moving in his bedroom reflected in the window, marathon runners, and of course, the ever changeable weather.

So, in no particular order...

Clouds moving in different directions at different heights.

Great clouds, and nice shadows moving around.

Rainbows during the day, and at night, you can see Yoko Ono's peace tower lighting up the sky in the upper right.

More rainbows, and great changeable weather moving across the bay.

A beautiful crisp winter day, alpenglow, moonrise, and long shadows.


The complete archives are stored elsewhere, named by date. You can download them all there, but that's downloading direct from my home comptuer, so it's not always available.