Home brew equipment supply in Iceland

This page tries to cover sources, domestic and foreign for various pieces of equipment and ingredients. When I set this up, I was basically operating in a vacuum. Now, there's a fermentation society going strong. Check out Fágun.is for the forums of the icelandic home brew community. Icelandic only. (Also jogurt, cheese and bread)
Ingredient Domestic Mail order
Malt, Hops and Yeast Ölvisholt sells malt and hops to home brewers. Fágun has the details. This the cheapest way to get ingredients here, but their selection isn't quite as board, and they're not really a retail operation. You need to be brewing all grain.
  • hopshopuk.com (My regular, totally verified)
  • humle.se They've replied to some enquiries, but I've never ordered
Fermenters, hydrometers, cappers, caps, airlocks Europris and Áman Both these shops are catering to wine makers. You can buy hopped flavoured malt extract tins here if you really really want. UpdateEuropris have gotten out of this market. anyone you like
Corny kegs Theoretically, Vífilfell, but they wouldn't sell me any. Ebay, depends how much you want to pay. I got four pin lock kegs, delivered, after taxes, for ~5,000kr each. You can buy new ones, but after shipping, things could get very very pricey. Ball lock kegs are not available in iceland. When Egils stopped using them, the entire stock was recycled. Unfortunate, but just how it goes.
Plumbing equipment Byko, Húsasmiðjan for generics at higher prices. Vörukaup if you know what you're looking for at cheaper prices. Also Landvélar Never looked
CO2 kolsyra.is and ISAGA. Kolsyra will fill ny bottle that's tested, and will test for ~4000 and fill for 300/kg. ISAGA wants you to be on their bottle rental program. Gastec in Höfði can sell pressure regulators. Regulators you can buy overseas, I got one from ebay, just make sure it has european/uk/australian fittings. American home brew shops will not have useful regulators Updatekolsyra.is in Kopvogur actually has fittings that means they can fill bottles with american connectors on them. So you can in theory at least, buy an empty bottle and reg from the states.
Quick disconnects for kegs Presumably Vífelfell or whoever maintains bar operations? brewersdiscount.net have good prices on pinlock parts and gaskets and pieces and are quite happy to post regular mail to iceland.