Yellowstone Christmas - Day 1

Drive drive drive

left home at 7:20. Stopped just up the road to redo the christmas lights.

Petrol and driver change at Auburn.
Petrol and driver change and lunch at Winnemuca. I get a decent meal. Scott gets cold soup and a soggy burger.
Petrol and driver change and photos and postcards at Jackpot, NV.
Driver change just out of Twin Falls, ID
Arrive Pocatello, ID, 9pm local time. 12.5 hours out time.

Get a room at a super8, for $60odd and head off into downtown to get a feed. Unfortunately mountain time fucked us up, and we're now dangerously close to 10pm, which does get us. OUr first stop doesn't have the kitchen open on weekends, the second didn't look it had been serving food for at least a couple of hours, and the third had just shut. We end up at "the dugout" eating fried food, of questionable quality. Dead quiet at the dugout. Unfortunate. Some of the other places had been quite busy, but there was us, the barchick, the gambler, and later two drinkers. Not much happening really. Back to the motel, but our cute receptionist has gone, so we call it a night.

Lots of christians in auburn, should be a good christmas