Yellowstone Christmas - Day 5

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Get up very late, (7:10am) and have to skip breakfast so we can get to our snowcoach on time. (7:30) The snowcoach is quite pleasant, stopping a lot for sights. I spot a bald eagle. Lots of bison, and good chances for pics. Scott meets a group of french teachers and we chat to them a bit. Get to old faithful, and check into a lovely room. It has an alarm clock, which none of other rooms have had, and no tv, which all of our rooms have had :) Scott passes out, he needs it, and I go down for a bit of an explore, and end up renting XC skis, and heading off to check out old faithful, which is a bit of an ordinary show, and then heading off into the wilderness to Biscuit Basin. Very pleasant. XC is quite a change. going downhill is hard. Realise that I'm going to cut it pretty fine with the daylight, but not much that can be done about that. Coming around the loop back again, I run into Scott! He's woken up, decided he needed to get outside, and went and chatted to the ski shop people to find out where I had gone. We return via the geyser basin loop, through the ice and the darkness. Very pleasant. We shower and shave, and put on our nice clothes. Scott calls his parents, and I go downstairs and paint a light bulb. Scott goes to see about dinner, and we get a 9:15 dinner reservation. (About 2 hours away) We get some bar food, and I ask about some christmas mix, but have to settle for beer. We finally get seated and start a very pleasant meal. We then notice the french have been seated two tables over, so we order them a bottle of wine as a christmas present. They are quite surprised, which makes it even more worthwhile. After dinner I finally get to open my parcel from home. I love christmas presents from mum. I get a lovely pot holder, of the right mitten, a book about australian life by Bob Carr, and a picture book of quotes. We chat to them for a while after dinner, but then get kicked out and head to bed. We are booked on an 8am ski drop, planning on going out to Lone Star geyser. An excellent christmas dinner all told. Very good company.

Roaring Mountain!

Rime frost on a lodgepole pine

Bison like roads

Family Bison

Different generations

Gibbon Falls

Bald Eagle

Snowmobiles at Madison Warming Hut