Yellowstone Christmas - Day 6

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Get up at 7, ring the front desk and get our ski drop moved to 10am. More sleep is good. We get up eventually, and nip down for a quick brekky. It is a white christmas. Snowing gently, fresh snow everywhere. While we're eating, two gifts arrive from our waitress. The french have sent us two picture books of yellowstone, which is wonerful of them. Unfortunately we have to rush off to our ski drop, but we get their emails. Our ski drop is a "snow crossing aparatus" one of the original snowcoaches from the park.

We get dropped at Kepler Cascades, which would benefit greatly from some judicous tree pruning. Head off down the track back to the lodge, (which is marked as "more difficult") But we succeed. The ski is wonderful, and we have come a long way from yesterday. The softer snow helps. Very pleasureable skiing. Lunch, then "our chariot is waiting" to take us back to Mammoth.

The return trip is not as fun. I spot another eagle, we stop at Fountain Paint Pots, which are not as good as rotarua, and very cold. One very good fumarole though. Back to mammoth, get our luggage, then off into Bozeman. Check into a nice room at the best western, and go and look for food. This is rather unsuccessful. We do however find a very very classy wine bar, which has just opened, called "Plonk" We get a cheese and meat platter, and drink some wines. Very enjoyable end to christmas.

Tomorrow is skiing at Bridger Basin.

I'm dreaming of a white christmas

Kepler Cascades makes a nice backdrop for me.

XC Skiing home again

Scott XC skiing through the fresh snow

Baby lodgepoles make for pleasant skiing

Scott looking for a picture

Scenes around the lodge

The Sun attempts to bring blue skies