Yellowstone Christmas - Day 8

Get up, watch a bit of wild things while scott arises. They've cut all the good stuff out, which is not surprising. Running a bit behind, we skip brekky and head out of town towards Twin Falls. It's still snowing, still cold, and the roads are still shitty, but visibility is better, and we see more signs of plows. The roads improve markedly as we get near twin falls, though largely by way of a lack of snow, more than any extra effort. Pull in to have a look at Shoshone Falls. Quite a nice little park, though obscenely cold due to the wind chill out on the lookout platform. The falls would be lovely if it wasn't for the damn 20m upstream. The snake river canyon is still very pretty. Reminds me of the oxley wild rivers gorges.

Lunch at Crowley's Soda Fountain, which is about all twin falls has to offer. Can't say much good about twin falls. From there it's off on down the road, we have a lot of driving ahead of us. Reach jackpot fairly quickly, then on down the road to Wells. The road, which had been snow free and very cruisy all of a sudden became yet another death road. So be it.

Pull up at the stop sign in Wells, or at least try to. Scott tries the side of the road to not run into the cars in front of us, then off the road to not run into a big wooden sign. Then we stop. Of course, we're no longer on the road. Scott wanders over to the flying J to get some help, while I take a couple of pictures. At least we're close to town. :) We have a straight path ahead of us, but a bit of a hump of snow in the way, and not enough traction to go back up the slope to the roadway.

Scott returns in a Nevada Highway Patrol cruiser. Apparently everyone loves highway patrol in winter, because they are gentlemen with shovels who dig you out. (And then there's summer, when they book you for speeding and the love chills)

The officer also reckons we should drive out forwards, and gets out a shovel and starts digging for us. He's called a friend of his with a pickup to come over and help, and they promptly pull up and hop out with another shovel. Just as we finish digging the tow truck driver pulls up as well, with a car carcass hanging on the back for decoration. A quick shove though, and scott drives through and back to the roadside across the corner. A quick chat all round and a promise to send pictures of the NHP man shovelling for us, and we're off. (As far as the flying J to get petrol and snacks anyway)

Take off down the road, but have to stop again and clear ice and snow out of the wheels and brakes, they are causing some serious vibrations. 600 miles to go or so.

Stop at winnemuca, Stop at Fernley, Stop at Auburn, Stop at home. 2612 miles. I've finished mario world. Scott has nearly finished zelda.

A fine trip.

Shoshone Falls, just outside Twin Falls, Idaho

Seepage from the cliff, near Shoshone Falls

Death on a stick driving

Well, not death, but slippery at least

Nevada Policemen are cool!