Our Big Trip, Day 3

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Walked south kaibab trail to skeleton point. Very pleasant, some beautiful rock, some appalling rock. Marg walks quite a bit slower than mum or I, but that's OK. 2.5hrs down, 2.75hrs back up. They say to allow 2-3 times as long for up as down, which goes to show how much we were stopping and looking at stuff on the way down. Bought some slippers to give my feet a break from wearing boots 24/7, a bit exxy, but so be it. they're quite comfy. Called jess, was nice to hear her voice, but she could barely hear me which I find really offputting to trying to tell a story. She was on the bus on her way home. Would have really liked to have chatted a bit more. Will try again later :( Was a bit cold last night, apparently it got down to 4C, and is forecast for the same tonight. I'm sleeping in the tent tonight, not on the ground. We put the tent up this morning to put all our bedding and stuff in so that we wouldn't have to put it all back in the car, but if the tent's up, I'm damn well sleeping in it. Enough of this waking up cold at 4:30am and zipping up the sleeping bag. Had a bit of a scare this evening, mum had lost her wallet, (with drivers license and both credit cards) it ended up being in the car, but it was lost for a good while, enough to get the stress levels really going. Not much I could do of course, but it was winding her up. Would have been a real dampener, and probably changed some plans somewhat. Tomorrow we're off to moab, via desert view, and monument valley. Should be good, will be interesting to see what sort of time of day we get to monument valley, it would be nice to see it around sunset.

The view of the Skeleton Point Track from Yaki Point

The track drops down quick.

Marg stops for a break in one of the few shady spots

The view from Ooh-Ahh Point

Prickly Pear as a Native!

The easy way up

Humans give way to mules, even if it means standing on cliff edges

Awesome rock formation along Cedar Ridge