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Packed my bag, and headed off into the cirque. Good easy walking for about 6 miles, but my shoes still killed me. There was absolutely no way I would have survived an 8 day traverse of the wind river range. (One of my earlier ideas)

From Big Sandy Lake, it goes up up and over and down again. The cirque is neat, reminded a bit of the Arrigetch Peaks. Only way way way more people. You could spot camps everywhere. Three parties climbing on Pingora, but didn't spot anyone anywhere else. Lots of dogs too. Not really wilderness. Very pretty area. Wildflowers, meadows, mountains. Got some weather in the afternoon, but it cleared again over night.

Walking up Big Sandy Creek

Not an animal I expected to see in Wyoming

Haystack? and Big Sandy Lake

Wildflowers everywhere

The blue ones

and the yellow ones

Some weird animal that I'd never seen

The Cirque of the Towers