Climbers on Pingora, Aug 22, 2004

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Photos of climbers on Pingora, via two different routes, on 22 August, 2004. There were three parties that I spotted, although one of them never got to a photogenic spot. Weather came in thick and fast about 11am, and all parties were in retreat when I decided I should get moving too.

Party 1 (red helmet and dark clothes, and white helmet and light clothes) were starting up the South-East face, but seemed to get into trouble with nasty belays, hard climbing, and never got past the first pitch. I hope you got all your gear back fellas.

Party 2 (two blue jackets, two white helmets) were on the North-East Ridge, and were quite high before I even spotted them, they seemed to be moving well, but then bogged down, and just aterthat, the weather came in.

Party 3 (red jacket, red helmet, and white helmet) were following party 2, but started descending about the same time as the others did.

Climber 1, party 1, SE Face of Pingora

Party 2 on the North East Face of Pingora

They still have a way to go

Party 1 has some problems

Oh oh, here comes the weather again

Party 1 tries again, with a leader swap

Party 2's highpoint, they decide not to risk the weather

Party 1, leader 2 tries a different way