South Pass City

Driving out of Big Sandy, towards somewhere for the night, just to make the drive to Devil's Tower a bit shorter. The weather, which had abated somewhat halfway through the walk out, was back, and gave me some good hard rain as I drove back out the 40 odd miles of dirt back to the highway. Pretty damn good dirt though, if I haven't already mentioned. You could get up to 70mph in places, and not feel stupid.

Had some time up my sleeve, so took the historic detour, and visited South Pass City. Gold town, oregon trail town, gold town again, gold town once more, and now a historic city. Very complete. Like a normal old times village sort of place, only all of this stuff is actually where it was built, and filled with displays from stuff that was actually from South Pass City. Some nice restoration work too. Worthwhile detour.

Storm front coming

Carissa Gold Mine

Falling apart, one window at a time

Gold stamp mill

The plaque on the right corrects this rather bold claim

Historic saloon

Glorius Wyoming sediments. No wonder they have so many fossils