Boxing Day at Ang's housesitting place

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Ang was having a party on Boxing Day. It was fun. They were housesitting this nice appartment at south bank, and all my old brisbane friends were there! Ang, Sal, Damo, Was, Chris, Dan & Kat (even Hope!) I even got to meet the illustrious Dave at last! (I even played monkey ball with him the next morning, while we waited for Ang to come to life again)

We played with each others tiny digicams, and even found that my camera has a digital slimming/fattening filter built in! We waltzed around southbank sneering at the yuppies, while carrying a carton of coopers on our heads, purchased at yuppie prices from the yuppie bottleshop. We gossiped. We bitched and moaned about working for tech companies. We didn't bitch and moan about how much they pay us. We gossiped some more. We ate every scrap of food in the house.

Much fun was had by all. Except Ang.

Was, Dan, Chris, ?? and Lance

Ang cooks up some goodness

Sal is back in australia!

Elvis is alive!

Dan and Kat have a little camera too

Was is busy

Ang decorates the table

Hungry people, perhaps we should have eaten real food at some point