Kangaroo Point Area

Kangaroo Point has a very special place in the hearts and souls of every climber who has ever lived in Brisbane. Most of them never truly appreciate it's excellence until they don't live there anymore. The rock is generally solid enough, but uninspiring, the lines were mostly bolted in the dark ages of sport climbing, and so are often reasonably spicy, it's crowded, it can get really really hot in the summer as it faces west, and there's the constant risk of picnicers dropping shit on you from the picnic area, footpath and residential area the top of the cliff.

In every other aspect, it's a dream come true. About 200 routes. The bulk of them readily topropeable, thanks to council installed concrete bollards at the top of the cliff. Free parking at both the top and bottom of the cliff (though sometimes you may have a walk a few hundred meters, instead of just the five or so if you get a good park) Stairs at each end of the cliff. Free electric BBQs, picnic tables. The boomerang cafe is just a short walk from the top, and Southbank, with it's fake beach, dining and wining is parked just the other side of your car. If there's a concert in the park, you can hear it very well from KP, as the riverstage is only just across the river. There's even a ferry that will take you from University all the way to KP, (though the ferry stop could be a bit closer)

The best outdoor gym in the whole world.

The zoo that is climbing at KP

Ropes, Ropes, Ropes

Ahhh, Brisbane

The city goes left, and then all of the CBD and southbank are further left again

Bearded Dragon at KP