Crater Lake to Smith Rock

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Crater Lake is cool. Very blue. Big, but not so big that it becomes like the sea. Very nice. Took a good hike up Garfield Peak, to see the Phantom Ship. The track is well made, but the rock off to the side looks hideously loose, like all the signs say.

I had pondered only going up to get the good view, figuring a lake was a lake, but decided I would go around to Cleetwood Cove and walk down to the water as well, as I was doing well on time. This was well worthwhile, and in my opinion, far superior.

The lake is stunningly beautiful up close. Delicious blue water, amazingly clear. The swimming is amazing too. I hadn't even thought to bring my swimmers, so just swam in my shorts. Jumping off the cliff where you can see the bottom, but have no way of actually hitting it is very cool. The water is very cold even only as deep as legs hanging down. Beautiful in the shallows.

Next stop, Smith Rock. I stopped in Bend briefly to look around, and try and call Mum for her birthday, but Sprint hadn't turned on my international plan the bastards. Did find an Australian Store though. Quite a surprise. Arrive at Smith rock at Sunset, with the Marsupials glowing wonderfully. No-one climbs there much anymore though.

Wizard Island

Clear blue water from Sinnot Memorial

Phantom Ship from Garfield Peak

Lovely Cove below Garfield Peak

The water from the cliff jump at Cleetwood Cove

The Cliff Dive into Crater Lake

Beautiful Blue water

Oregon Forests