Urban Iditarod 2004

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My third official time dressing up like a "dog" and running around san fran towing a sled. This year, the 10th iditarod, was bigger than ever, with my group of friends alone fielding 25odd people (in three teams), up from 11 the year before (in one team). We weren't as hot with the ideas this year, and perhaps not everyone knows the Marx Brothers, but the Barx Brothers we were. Full of moustaches, ties, bad one liners, cigars, and curly hair.

Quite a deviation from previous years, with the police giving us a full escort the entire way. This _completely_ changed the race, but it was still a lot of fun :) Basically it meant that there were absolutely no breaks between stops, as the road was totally clear. We also didn't get to run down the middle of chinatown, which is always a highlight, and the tourists were a bit more prepared for us, as the police had effectively announced our presence. We also had to skip Caesars' Place on Bay St, which is traditionally a heap of fun, with lots of people on the street poles, and tequila shots inside.

But it was still iditarod time, with cool people doing crazy stuff and entertaining everyone, dogs, mushers and tourists alike. We had amazing weather this year, with Fort Mason keeping nice and warm right through till sunset.

The Barx Brothers

The Barx Brothers after one leg

Nothing like beer in a dog bowl

I don't see any beer, but they had fun anyway

One of the Mars Rover teams

Sea Dogs

The Hayes St crowd. Price is wrong bitch

There's always a goofy tourist