Mississipi to Clearwater, FLA

We drove out of New Orleans, headed for Florida. Stopped in Mississipi to find some traditional southern fried chicken for lunch, which we found at a place called Michael's in Mobile. Very traditional. Cooked up by hand, and served out of bay maries until it was gone, then it was done until dinner time. Hearty, filling, and fried. They also had meatloaf, yams, bread pudding and all manner of southern delicacies.

Drove straight through Alabama though. And into Florida. Poor devasted Florida. Blue sheeting everywhere as we drove through the Pensacola area. There was even a bridge out. Drove "the scenic" way along the pan handle coast, and stopped in at a beach in a trendy holiday home area. Pastel condos and golf cart crossings. Beautiful squeaky white sand, and fairly warm, but no waves. Enjoyed the end of sunset here, then off into some forest for a place to stay.

This was the night before election day, and with Florida being a battleground state, the signage was getting pretty intense. And it wasn't looking good. (Florida went Red)

The next day we had planned on going tubing down a sping fed river at Ichetucknee Springs, which is meant to be one of the jewels of the Florida state park system. But it wasn't to be. The hurricanes had flooded the river and the flow was too low to actually get from one end of the park to the other in an afternoon. (They weren't letting anyone even try)

We did find a beautiful swimming hole though. Amazingly crystal clear, and surprisingly au natural, given the popularity of the area. Too many little fishies for Katie though :) She's happier swimming in Lake Sylvan in South Dakota where she can't see the little beasties and the muck they live in.

Drove down through tampa, fending off horrible driving floridians, and stayed the night with a friend of Katie's in Clearwater. I stayed up late watching election results come in, hoping for the best, but knowing in my brain that it wasn't really going to work.

Driving across Alabama

Blue Pool at Ichetucknee Springs SP, FLA