Venetian Pools at Coral Gables, and Miami sucks

Katie and I stopped in at Miami, because South Beach is meant to be nice. It was a bit of an odd beach. It was flat right out to the high water mark, then dropped away radically. Warm enough, but pretty miserable surf. Lots of sand bars. I think it might get surf occasionally though, because there was at least guys on surfboards trying to catch waves.

Didn't think much of the art deco historic architecture. The odd nice building, but lots of just junk. More obnoxious floridians hassling us over parking, trying to get us to rent scooters, phones, you name it. Fuck Miami. Drove along A1A. Vanilla Ice lies. It's not beachfront. Fuck him too. Even though his song is rad.

Went and visited the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables. Superb. Absolutely delightful. An old school italian area, complete with kids speaking a mixture of italian and english swimming in the pools. I'll let the pictures describe the wonderful pool.

Venetian Pools

Venetian Pools bathhouse

Hardcore rain showers

Venetian pools, complete with waterfalls and caves