Yosemite lifestyle

What did I do with the rest of my time in yosemite? I climbed a bit, but also did a fair bit of sitting around fires, eating, drinking, and generally chatting and looking at guidebooks to plan the next day's climbing. (Which may or not be the next day at all) Drove around to look at lines on climbs, look at the progress of people I knew climbing el cap, drove back into San Jose to go to parties. Went to a Climbers for Kerry evening slideshow with Ron Kauk and Dean Potter. Ate Pizza, argued pointless ethical and technical climbing issues. Lived the good life basically. Mind you, it's worth noting that Camp 4 is quite capable of sucking the climbing out of you. If you have very specific climbing goals, don't stay in camp 4. It's too easy to just hang out. There's always someone around. (but if you don't stay in camp 4, you're boring!)

"rest days" at site 6

The valley, just like everyone else's photo

Matt is taller than the average asian tourist

Route planning

Adam chasing Matt up Catchy Corner, at the Cookie

Afternoon light on Leaning Tower

The Sentinel hiding behind autumn leaves