Cathedral Peak with Mum

I'd arranged to meet mum at Tuolumne, to resupply her, and also to go for a walk up Cathedral Peak together. We started walking, wandering around the backside of the Cathedral Peak, wondering when we shouldstart heading up. Neither of us had been this way before. We eventually got to a point where Eichorn's Pinnacle was a bit more obvious, and headed up there.

Lots of gravel, stunted trees, and some slab walking, took us to the saddle between Eichorns and Cathedral. This was far enough for mum, and after scrambling a bit further, I think we probably should have headed straight up to Cathedral, instead of heading for the saddle. It was nice to be up here again, the last time I'd been here, it had been getting quite late, and Scott and I were in a hurry to get down. Not today. We walked back down after taking pictures of a very friendly chipmunk, and then mum turned south to continue along the JMT, and I headed into town to go hang out.

Mum on the walk up Cathedral Peak

Eichorn Pinnacle and Cathedral Lake


Cathedral Peak and Eichorn Pinnacle