Canyonlands, Newspaper Rock, Hovenweep

So I didn't head straight south. I headed up to tick off Canyonlands National Park first, which was neat. It deserved more time, a lot more time. One of those places where you really need to dedicate a week or so, and preferably have a 4x4, and go do some exploring. Saw an old abandoned cowboy camp, which made a bit of a change from the usual indian ruins in the caves.

Took one last picture of Indian Creek on my way out. Endless buttresses with crack after crack after crack. There are reputedly people that only do new routes when they climb there, and that's 100% believeable. Sooo much rock. And all perfect looking too. Just more walking, and less prior knowledge.

And a picture of newspaper rock, which is just a little state park (it might not even be that), but has the best petroglyphs around, and soo soo many of them. It's far enough off the road that hardly anyone ever goes there, just like Canyonlands NP.

Went in to Hovenweep National Monument, because the ranger at Black Canyon had said it was even better than Mesa Verde. Different, way less people. Not built into caves thank god, but on top of the canyon rim. And also built into an eroded boulder. Wasn't completely jaded by this park, but it was a damn long way from anywhere. Kept going south.

Newspaper Rock

Cowboy ruins at Canyonlands

Endless cliffs of Indian Creek



Four Corners

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