Ouray to Durango Scenery

Drove South out of Montrose headed towards Durango. I was going to go through Ouray, and have a look at the ice park and general scenery. Which was well worthwhile. Went to the hot springs in Ouray for a rest and a swim and a shower, then camped up in Box Canyon, above the Ice Park. The Ice Park looks like it would be quite a sight in winter, with tubing and sprinklers everywhere all over the canyon walls. Ouray town itself seemed to have done quite well out of the tourists, and perhaps being one of the last big mining towns helped too. Big old buildings, full of bars, boutiques, and fine restaraunts. Quite a town.

The next day I drove up and over the hills towards Durango. The Fall colours were superb, with all the aspens everywhere, and some of the oak and willow shrubbery helping out as well. Passed a monument to snow plow drivers, two names on it so far, for people who have been killed keeping the road open, and room on the monument for a few more. Rough job.

Very scenic drive.

Ouray, from near Box Canyon

Cool geology

Cool Geology

Box Canyon Falls

Funky rockslide/tunnel south of Ouray

Red Mountain and meadows

Mining scars south of Ouray

Fall colours south of Ouray