Scenic Northampton visiting Jared

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Got met by a smarmy devil in a big leather jacket and lots of piercings. Drank wine. Played gamecube. Met his lovely girlfriend Nerrida, drank some more wine. Slept. Toured the Northampton Real Ale pub scene (excellent) Drank beer, played game cube, ate english curry. Slept. Went for a walk in the park, had breakfast in the park cafe. Played gamecube. A lovely weekend all told. Enjoyed the last shower that didn't smell like sulphur I was going to have for a while.

Monster Nerida!


Bonnie and Jared

Busy gamers

Nerida shows what she thinks of it not being her turn for gamecube

The monster returns!

Silly faces part 1

Jared makes no silly faces, gamecubing requires complete attention