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Big Day Out. An institution on the australian music scene. I'd never been, it's fairly expensive, ($100) and it's a festival, so anyone one band always gets a fairly short set, to a not always fanfilled crowd. I'd been to Livid before, and Market Day repeatedly, but this was going to be a first for BDO. Sal managed to get tickets for us, as it sold out fairly early. We had quite a crowd in the end. Karl, Toby, Jono, Sal, Damo, Cacey, and then Ang and Jacinta, Lachy and Rachael, Jeff, Keff and Anita, basically everyone.

Saw Monster Zoku Onsomb again, who are a fun dance show with music, but it's hard to take them as musicians. Great show though. It's like a stage show, with song and dance. Saw Le Tigre who were really neat, the Donnas, who I missed most of, RJD2, Money Mark, the Chemical Brothers and part of the Beasties. I got bored with the early part of the Beasties show, as we were a long way back, and it was just three guys wandering around on stage and rapping. Later on it apparently all cut loose and they deployed instruments and a drum kit and all sorts more interesting stuff. I had gone to the boiler room for the chemical brothers by then.

Also saw Kid Koala and the Hilltop Hoods. I really like Kid Koala, he's very into chatting with the crowd, and the music is excellent. Unfortunately about 10 minutes before the end of the set, (so only 2/3 or so into it) the hilltop hoods fans started turning up. What an obnoxious bunch. All shirtless yelling yobbos. They started hurling abuse at Kid Koala and chanting "Hilltop Hilltop" Not much fun, especially with the pushing and shoving. A couple of good firm shoves back made them ease up a bit. All quite funny for a hip hop group that got popular singing a song about ignorance and tolerance. They were ok I guess, but I guess I'm not really big into pure hip hop that much.

I'd bought a carton of little bubble blowing flasks for $5, and was giving them out to everyone who wanted one. Bubbles are fun, especially when you have five or six of you blowing them all at once. We met lots of people with them.

Quite a fun evening, and well worth the trek. It's more of an experience than a way to see a particular act, but that's how most festivals go. Now if only the boiler room kept going all night, instead of stopping at 11. What fun is it to stop the rave before midnight?

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Craploads of people

The donnas

They smuggled in a goonbag

Monster Zoku Onsomb

Dancing girls

Dancing girls (and a gorilla)

Dancing girls

Monster zoku onsomb