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Day 4 - Relaxing in Reykjafjörður

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A day of rest. We'd successfully hiked ourselves ahead of schedule, so we had our spare day to sit and relax in Reykjafjörður.

And sit and relax we did. We spent a good few hours sitting in the pool there, which I have to say is one of the nicest pools in Iceland I've been to so far. No good for swimming, but a beautiful temperature for lounging, and with various depths for standing, floating, kneeling, or just hanging off the edge. Later on we found the pool toys, including some absolutely superb lounge mats, that let you float on the water, yet still in it enough not to get cold. Delicious.

Still, laziness is not exactly the trait of people who walk 3 days to get to a pool, so we went for a stroll along the shore in the afternoon.

We poked around the harbour, checking out the home brew loading crane, and then strolled off north, up the west side of the bay. Quite a few of these "fjörds" were nothing we'd ever call a fjörd.

We came across plenty of old ruined sheds, some old boats, and eventually, some seals. And as we'd come to expect, the usual collection of washed up trawl floats and ragged bits of netting. Some of these old aluminium trawl floats were really neat, stamped with Grimsby, or Hull, great old fishing towns, and things like, "tested to 400 fathoms" A pity about their bulk and weight, or a couple would have come home with me.

The evening saw us off on another short stroll, this time inland, duelling arctic terns while in search of something interesting. Allegedly there are some more natural pools, but we weren't energetic enough. Back to the grassy campsite to eat dates and chocolate, and contemplate the walk out home the next day.