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The Moon, The slips, The Winter

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Þórlaksmessa was another beautiful day in Reykjavík. The rain and clouds of the week or two before christmas had given way to the sort of deliciously crisp blue skies, sprinkled with snow from years past. I went for a walk around to enjoy it, visiting some of my regular haunts down by the slips, and later up around town watching people shopping feverishly. (I would be joining them for one or two last presents I needed, I am not above feverishly shopping)

All summer I miss the moon. But all winter I get to be amazed at the roundabout backwards and sideways paths it takes through the sky. Having a bright moon chasing the sun around, and moving in all sorts of upsdie down directions is unusual. The low sun is no problem. The movements of the sun are a lot more predictable. Driving along Reykjanes in autumn, and seeing a big glowing ball in the south west, skukling around between keilir and trölladyngja, or peering over the airport is a fantastic reminder that winter is returning, bringing the moon, the stars, and the aurora with it again.