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Bands at Organ - Just another tuesday night

Pictures are at the bottom...

Time to get out again, and a tuesday night show at Organ would do the job nicely. A pretty quiet house, but it was tuesday. 500kr in, which is totally cool, but as usual, it was made difficult by being cash only. This seems to happen more for shows at organ than anywhere else. Maybe because the bands themselves are collecting, maybe because most shows are free, but it's still tedious to leave and find an ATM.

I thought the flyer had three names on it, but I only saw two bands, Mammút and XXXX, hereafter known as the band with no name. I didn't take proper notes from the flyer, couldn't find one on the street after the fact, and although I emailed mammut, asking if they knew, I got no response. Given the groups of people, it would make sense if the only unaccounted patrons were actually the first band.

But, I didn't see this alleged first band. I did get to watch Mammút set up for a while though. They put on quite a show, plodding around the stage, around the bar, checking their instruments one by one, while the others are off, elsewhere.

Fortunately they sounded a lot better this time. I had seen Mammút at Cafe Amsterdam, quite some time ago, when I left the show, disgusted with their childish behaviour. (They actually left before me, hence my disgust) Anyway, it was time to give them another chance, and see what had happened in the meantime.

And it was better. More focused, with a dedicated singer, and decent songs. All very short, but that's cool. I tried to take a few pictures, but Organ is a horrible venue for taking photos, as much as I love the place in general. Thankfully, most of the band stood still, so taking photos was at least plausible.

Hints for bands, if you don't need things like extra mike stands, get rid of them! All they do is make nasty shadows and obscure heads and hands and guitars. Burying bassists in the gloom off the back stage sounds fine, but it creates a bandmember that no-one ever sees. Perhaps that's part of the image :)

Next up was a straight up hair metal band. The band with no name. Or at least, not one I knew, or heard anyone say. Corrections welcome. They got rid of all the mikes. They did not sing. They didn't need to sing. They had duelling, searing, thrashing lead guitars, a very classy mullet, and a drummer. Solidly foot tapping, and they actually managed to pull the crowd into a semblance of an audience through some cajoling before they got started.

After the last band though, it was a mad dash for the hills. Organ is having a hard time keeping a crowd in the place when there's no music going, which is a shame. There's no real reason that a few tables couldn't get pushed back out, and the stage lights dropped and people could just stay and have another drink or two, but no, everyone just bolts for the door and off elsewhere.

Nothing ground shaking, but a decent night out. (It ended up with some excellent dancing at another venue)

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