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Skiing in Akureyri

Pictures are at the bottom...

Damo and Chelle came and visted me for a weekend as the last leg on their european tour. They'd come from Chamonix, and were insistent on checking out the skiing in Iceland, despite only having three full days here. So be it! Iceland can provide!

I'd never been skiing at Hlíðafjall, above Akureyri, and it was the only place open anyway, so what the hell, road trip! And we'd get to check out the night life in Akureyri, and then come back and see Reykjavik's life on Saturday.

We left a little late, after a snooze, after a latish welcome night on Thursday, but got up there in time for a few hours skiing on Friday afternoon. Would be a nice resort with a bit more snow on it, and if it was a hell of a lot closer to Reykjavik :) Damo and Chelle both got lumped with atrocious rental gear. Damo's bindings were twisting off, and Chelle's got stuck.

Skiing fix satisfied, we headed off to our abode, Leifstaðir, across the fjord and up in the hills. For some reason every single guest house in Akureyri itself was booked out. (Or no longer a guest house, disconnected number or only open in summer) We assumed there must be something cool going on, and expected a good night out!

We had a nice dinner, with some nice whale steaks, and fish and cus cus. Names and dishes ommitted to protect certain people harrassing other certain people about "oooh, you're killing the little fluffy cuties that live in the sea"

Then it was exploring Akureyri time. First of course, was the F350 spinning it's wheels and cruising the block.

Then we explored the grand two bars in mid town. Then we gave up on them, watched the boys in their truck again, and then headed down to the harbor, to try the other two bars in town. Around here we got told that, "Oh no, it will be dead tonight, end of the month! Everyone's broke!"

Seems they were pretty right about that. We found a bit of a crowd in Capones, along with some good techno, and a strange crowd that was half club kids dancing one side, and half pub kids chatting on the other. Strange place, is Akureyri.

We did however find some truly awesome pizza. Pizza with chips on it. Under the cheese. Very good pizza. We had a good chat to the locals there, who were quite impressed that we'd come to visit their town in the middle of winter. And we got to watch the boys in the F350 again. Still spinning their wheels, still cruising the block.

And that was that! Day two, the journey home, was a new adventure