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Seyðisfjörður home, via Öxi, and Höfn.

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I promised that I'd talk abotu Seyðisfjörður today. I was heading there to try El Grillo, a special beer that was allegedly available there. I'd also heard it was a nice place, and it was Saturday night, so I might even be able to find some other people for a bit of company. I couldn't find the camping ground for a while, so drove around town for a bit. I eventually found a place to camp, and got some dinner, and headed off to try and find this beer.

I found a pub full of people watching iceland playing soccer. I didn't even know there was a game on. I still can't remember who we were playing, or even how we did. I found my beer though! And it was excellent! Even if it did come with an egil's logo on the top, brewed under contract it seemed. Best icelandic beer I've tasted, by a long shot. The bar pretty much emptied after the game, so I went back to camp and read for a while, before eventually heading back down to the pub. Ended up being a great night. It's more of a house that has a bar in it, so people brought their own beers, there were guitars, there was much singing, they even have a pole with two saddles facing each other in a nook. Seemed to be popular for serious talking. I even met some people who'd come over from Egilsstaðir for the night, because the party was better.

It was a nice town. It just felt a lot nicer and more alive than some of the others. And I've never really liked Egilsstaðir. It's "booming" because it's the business center associated with the Kárahnjúkar and Reyðarfjörður projects (hydro schemes and aluminium smelters respectively) so it now has some outlets of reykjavik computer chains and furniture stores. But the oversized petrol station is still the only place to be.

The next morning I got up leisurely, and went and had a swim. They have a nice indoor pool, and then some hot tubs in a strange dungeon on a side floor half underground. It was perfect, and a great way to recharge before starting the drive home.

I stopped off a few times to have some quick looks at things here and there, but no more walking. I was planning on getting all the way back home again, which I managed 8 hours of solid driving later. There's some very long quiet roads out there, where you can probably go a little bit faster than technically allowed. Öxi was particularly beautiful, coming back into the fjörd the way I did this time. And again, the weather was quite changeable. Seyðisfjörður was grey and windy, with chunks of blue blowing over, then dazzling sunlight on the lake by Egilsstaðir, clouds again, then back out into the blue over Öxi.

Eventually though, I lost the light, not long after a late stop at Höfn, just in time to watch the belt of venus rising in the east, and lighting up the hills. From there it was just me, my headlights, and the reflectors on the side of the road, until eventually, back by Hella and Hvollsvellir, I started to see a few cars again. Home, and into a warm bed. Trip complete, but lots of things skipped due to bad weather and a lack of company.

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