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Barista Competition in Kopavógur

Pictures are at the bottom...

Guido and I were drinking coffee somewhere, and saw a poster promoting the annual barista competition and coffee art competition. We weren't entirely sure where it was, or what was really at what times, but Guido had seen it two years before at Smáralind, and said it was WELL worth checking out.

It was! It's quite a show, with each Barista having to serve espressos, cappucinos, and a "signature drink" with a soundtrack and conversation, in a 15 minute window. It's a show. It's like no other show I've been to before. Most of the attendees were either friends or family too, as it was set out in the mercantile school in Kopavógur, so tourists and city rats couldn't get there very easily. Between 15minutes per contestant, and setup time, and other plans for the day, we didn't stay for the whole show, but even just the couple of hours we were there was totally totally worth it. A very very unusual afternoon :)