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Hlemmur to the top of the hill - graffiti, coffee and style

Pictures are at the bottom...

I had one of my rostered day's off, (I work 90%, every second friday is off) and went to get an oil change. While I was waiting, I wondered up into town through the Hlemmur end which I'd not been to in a while. There'd been news about how they'd cleaned up all the graffit on Laugarvegur, starting from Hlemmur.

Well, they had, but I didn't notice at first. Hlemmur still feels grungy and dirty. And you only need to step a few meters off the main drag and you're back into tag city. They'd done a pretty good job covering up all the tags on the main street, and for that I thank them, though they'd covered up one or two fairly large well done colourful pieces too. They can now be replaced I guess :)

But just off the strip, and you hit a wall of tags again. I even found something new to me, on a side alley parallel to laugarvegur, I found a wrecked car, a late model small jeep, smashed in and covered in tags. Oh well, at least the tourists can't see that :)

I also met up with wolfgang for a coffee, he was getting out of the house to get away from his packing, and we'd been trying to go to the third floor coffeeshop for a while. He'd been there before, but it had always been closed when we tried to go together. It's a nice space, would make a great appartment, but was "closed for renovations" (bullshit, the sign on the door, in icelandic said the top two floors were for rent) so I think the shop is closing up, not renovating.

Anyway, here's just a few pictures from my walk around town that day. I wanted to write a little more than just a caption and throw them into the misc bin.

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