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Wolfgang's going away party at the summerhouse

Pictures are at the bottom...

Wolfgang organised the summerhouse for a weekend, as a going away party. He came over my place 6 weeks in advance, and did all the brewing for a special beer, and Guido and I organised for Chelle to get flown over in secret for a going away present.

I won't get into an of the drama's wolfgang caused us by leaving early, or any of that, but suffice to say, a good time was had by all. Wolfgang was totally surprised to find Chelle on the doorstep, with a ribbon and a bow in her hair, as a merrily wrapped present. Guido and Jessica, Ute, Karine and Kai all came out for various stages of the afternoon. A few people made excuses of varying levels of acceptability, but well, their loss.

When we arrived, wolfgang had prepared pizza for us, with his fresh hand made dough, plenty of jalapeños, and of course, cheesy goodness.

Saturday, feeling a little poorly after wolfgang's efforts to finish off as many bottles of his spirits collection as he could, we mostly just lounged around on the deck, reading, chatting, and eating carrot cake.

Saturday, with a couple of more people, and wolfgang coming to life again after too much Ricard the night before, we prepared ourselves a fabulous spread of assorted meats, vegetables and salads, while listening to the dulcet tones of Rás 2. Such variety. After some pop, we got a book reading, then a great rock concert live from Nasa, with the Stones, live in Manila, (live recording) playing the intermission for the band changes at Nasa. Excellent entertainment.

We went to bed with a light snow falling, and mostly sort of ignored what that was going to do to the driveway.

Waking up to a foot of snow however, reminded us that we had two rather tiny cars parked a long way from a real road. After getting Kai's rental chevy stuck pretty well, (It had almost not gotten in in the first place) we decided to head out to find a rope. Which took a while. Oh well, Guido and I cruised the roads, getting strange looks, and admiring the beauty that is the countryside in winter, while the ladies and the boys cleaned the house and packed the cars for us.

A tow out on the back of Guido's hilux, and we parted ways. Some back to town, some out to Geysir and Gullfoss for a look around.

And though I say it every time, "A delightful weekend all told"

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