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Driving home from Skaftafell, sunsets and waterfalls

Pictures are at the bottom...

Due to some car shuffling, I ended up driving back to Reykjavik by myself. While this meant that I didn't get any more of the fine company I enjoyed that weekend, it did mean that I could stop absolutely anywhere I felt, and change plans and directions at any point. So I did :)

I stopped a few times along the drive back, just taking some general road side pictures, then stopped at Paradisahellir, an old saga cave near Seljalandsfoss. This was right on sunset, and the light was lovely. I didn't get up to the cave itself, I decided that clambering up the old chain to a hole in the side of the cliff was really not essential when I was by myself. One day I'll stop on the way past with someone else, and we can do a longer explore.

Instead, I took some pictures of the cows in the next field who seemed to be expecting someone. They certainly all rushed over to say hello to me as I walked past.

After some pictures at Seljalandsfoss itself, the sun was about gone, and all that remained was the boring part of driving the south roads, home to Reykjavik.

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