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Beach holiday at Byron with Cate and Sean

Pictures are at the bottom...

Before I left Iceland, I'd spoken to a few old friends in Australia, and managed to score an invite down to a beach house for a few days with Cate and her boyfriend (fiance by the time of writing) Sean. The beach house turned out to be rather small, so I only stayed with them one night, and got a hostel the next night. Cate and Sean were only recently back in Australia after a South America trip, and didn't really need to share a bedroom with me :)

But damn was it good to have a beach weekend with good people. We played jenga, bbqd, played on the beach and a generally perfectly relaxing time doing absolutely nothing. The weather was superb, warm, but not too hot, with just enough fluffy clouds to make the sky look interesting. Oh, and there's also a new microbrewery at Byron, Stone and Wood who had a delicous draft ale on tap at the Great Northern. This was also a fun trip for me, as I'd never really been to Byron before. I'd always ended up at beaches further north or south, and it was realyl quite nice. Hippy, but not too hippy, and full of young people. I think Kata would like it here :)

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