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Christmas Day at the Farm

Pictures are at the bottom...

Christmas day, what else can I say? This was mostly a family affair, and over half my extended family was there. We gossipped, we fought each other with foam swords (one for every member of my generation) we lost tennis balls in the sweet potato patch playing cricket, we ate, we handed out presents left, right and center. We ate some more. We strolled leisurely around the farm catching up on the latest advancements in turf farming technology. It rained just before lunch, so we carried seating and tables for 26 people into the shed, along with the still lit bbq, with attendent grill masters staying at their stations. We will grill them on the beach, we will grill them in the rain, we will grill them on the move. The rain knows it must prevent our bqq if it is to be victorious, but it also knows that it can never hope to defeat us.

And so it was. Again, somewhat unfortunately, my camera was being manned by two young girls, so I have a very eclectic mix of outtakes if anyone is looking for pictures of us with strange expressions on our faces, taken from about waist height :)

Another great christmas at the farm. Oh, and if you like the look of the grass, you should talk to Twin View Turf :)

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