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Christmas Eve dinner and the tree

Pictures are at the bottom...

Christmas Eve. For those of the nordic persuasion, this is the real christmas. Of work in the afternoon, big sit down dinner by candlelight at night. Of course, growing up in Australia, I grew with both nordic dinner on christmas eve, but also followed by australian beach bbq christmas on christmas day.

This year was going to be even more of both than normal. I was back at home for the first time in four years, and my brother Tóti and his family were here as well, giving us nine for christmas dinner. Dinner was as delicious as always. It might be a largely fixed menu, but it's a menu that we really only have once a year, so it's always looked forward to. Smoked mutton when available, glazed carrots, cauliflower au gratin, mashed potato (both salted australia and sugared icelandic) green peas, and lots and lots of different soft drinks, for making christmas mix.

Followed by rice pudding, with a prize for finding an almond, then ALLLL the dishes have to be done before it's time for the tree :)

Just a few photos, I tend to just relax and enjoy christmas, there's often enough cameras around as it is :)

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