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Australia to Iceland, the long flight home

Pictures are at the bottom...

The long flight home. After a particularly wonderful christmas period with all the family, it was time to head back home, I didn't want to miss New Year's in Iceland after all!

I had to run to catch my plane in Sydney, having scheduled a later flight than Tóti and co, and then having that flight delayed, but on the bright side, it meant that I got to see lightning cracking over western sydney from the plane. Very cool! My camera was a bit far away unfortunately.

From Sydney to Frankfurt we were following the darkness, so it was just movies and reading and doing not a lot of much at all.

Frankfurt. Frankfurt EARLY in the morning. I played in the playground with the girls for a bit, and then found a powerpoint and watched tv on the laptop for a while. Eventually we could check in, and now midday, I got a window seat, and this time, had my camera with me. Note to self: Although it's fine on the floor while flying, at takeoff it will slide back down the plane a row or two, keep a hold on it!

I couldn't get over just how populous germany and the netherlands are. I _knew_ but I'd never _seen_ it quite so clearly. I had a lot of fun with a map later on working out where the river with the groynes was, and what the groynes even were. I'd seen quite a few of them, but wasn't quite sure what they were from my height.

Eventually, the clear skies gave way to scattered and then not so scattered cloud as we headed north, eventually dropping down into a rather damp, wet and grey Keflavík. Home sweet home.

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