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New Year's Eve, dinner and fireworks

Pictures are at the bottom...

With most people having their own families to go to for New Years Eve, I elected to do my own thing, and Guido and Jessica decided to join me. Whole legs of lamb were on special at Bonus, and I'd always wanted to do a roast, and have people over, and hell, I've got my own place now, and hell, New Years Eve dinner is a perfect opportunity!

My roast was AWESOME! (Note to self, a 2.5kg leg of lamb takes about 2 hours to cook at a medium low heat)

Guido cooked up some yummy sweet potato with peas and carrots and onions, and Jessica made some delicious Caiparinhas for supper. We used some interesting ice trays, which were plastic bags you filled up in the sink, and then just put in the freezer. They have some built in valves, and lots of perforations, and when it's frozen, you can sort of shake and squeeze the plastic bag, and it turns into a sack holding a heap of pillow shaped ice blocks. Quite a nifty invention. (I now just have ice cube trays)

Then it was a bonfire, then a visit to Ute to watch Áramótskaup and up to the top of the hill by Veðurstofan for fireworks. This year I spent 14,100 kr, down from last year, but well, there's a recession, or so I'm told :)

The top of the hill was fun with fireworks, champagne, and writing 2009 with sparklers. GUIDO and JESSICA! I want to see some of these pictures online _somewhere_ some day please :) (One dayyear I might take my own camera for new years, and actually take fireworks pictures. But every year so far I've had too much fun blowing things up :)

Later, off to Eggert and Bel's for a dancing house party, and on into the night...