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Pre Christmas preparation - trees and food

Pictures are at the bottom...

In the days leading up to christmas, there's always plenty to be done. Not just decorating the house, there's also decorating ourselves, making christmas foods, putting up a tree, all that good stuff.

Helen, Silja, Birta and I ended up with the task of putting up the tree and decorating most of the house, which suited us just fine. Helen and I did most of the decorating, Silja and Birta were far too busy taking pictures of us and each other on our respective cameras to do much else :) Judging from the picures I've got, it looks like Silja had mine. I remember quite a different set of pictures from Helen's camera. Later in the day the rest of the family came home, and we went back to the industrial food preparation combine, roping in all of our guests to take their turn on the apricot ball and rum ball assembly lines.

Still, it all has a wonderful purpose, a cornucopian bounty of christmasy delights for christmas eve, christmas day, and stretching onwards well into the new year.

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