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Family Climbing trip to Slider Wall - Tibrogargan

Pictures are at the bottom...

Christmas this year was a big affair, with all my grandparent's children, and _all_ of their children, and almost all the spouses or partners. Alan and I had done some rockclimbing together before, and was looking forward to having a bit of a climb one something in queensland while he was here, and Erica and Ash, normally hardcore MTB nerds were up for anything. Helen came along too, and we all had a good day of it, finishing up with a nice dinner and some cool beverages back at the block house. We started the day at the farm with all the rest for morning tea, which is where we left Sean, busy working on the lathe. Sean was a regular fixture working at the lathe for the rest of christmas, but this did end up in some nice christmas presents!

Back to the climbing though. Christmas time is not really ideal climbing weather in Queensland, indeed, when I was with the UQ club, the christmas holidays were normally the time for roadtrips to southern crags. It's just too hot. Still, some crags face south or east, and get shade, at least in the afternoon, so we headed to Slider Wall, on Tibrogargan, to have a bit of a play. I'd had precisely two days of climbing in the past four years, so I generously let Alan lead everything, and let myself just get pumped silly trying out some things. I had a good time, the rock and the routes all felt a lot better than the last time I'd been there. Good company and good views I guess :)

On top of all the climbing, there was also an awful lot of photgraphing, with Helen's gear bag, my gearbag, Erica's gearbag and Ash's gearbag all having canon toys inside them :)

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