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Food, truffles, sausages and possums - a BBQ in Brisbane

Pictures are at the bottom...

A day of foooood! We started at home. I made rolled oats biscuits, and taught Ash how to make them. He took down notes on his iPhone. Erica and Ash have his and her iPhones. They are too cute :) Helen brought round the half made truffles, and we finished them off. Helen, Matthew and I had rolled a few of these at her house the other night, and continually ran into problems with hot hands and melting chocolate. We got them done, using baking paper as surrogate hands, but it was tedious.

Not as tedious as helen grinding up candy canes to roll the mint truffles in, but hey, someone's got to have the crap job. This task pretty much single handedly earned her a big mortar and pestle for christmas :)

Erica stayed out of the way of the men and their cooking, and occupied herself with a good woman's task, learning how to knit bobbles. Very worth goal, and it consumer almost her entire stay in queensland. However, I can honestly say that by the end of the trip, she was advancing to dual colour bobbles, on both sides of the piece. Good job erica :)

But, that food is all sweet stuff. It was Australia, in summer, and that means BBQs! Sal was hosting tonight, but never one to come empty handed, Helen and I prepared some creamcheese, garlic and onion stuffed mushrooms for the grill, then rocked around for a nice night in the backyard with a bunch of old Uni friends. Lots of fun and merriment all round. I got to see Kat and Dan's newest, Dean, and we all had fun with Sal's tame possum. You're not really meant to feed them, but when it turns out sal's been feeding it for the last two years, it's kinda too late for any conservation attempts :) Besides, it likes chips, patty cakes, and watermelon. Tomatos, not so much.

Fun fun! Sal even showed us his collection of sydney train tickets!

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