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Christmas Lights in Bridgeman Downs

Pictures are at the bottom...

We'd already been on one christmas lights tour, but this time it was time to visit some more prize winners on our side of town. Tonight we went to Bridgeman Downs, right on sunset, so we could hopefully get a bit of colour in the sky behind the house. We managed to get there just before the busses of sightseers arrive, which was nice, but not before some vandals had (for the second time) destroyed part of this family's display. Wholesale theft of lighting I can at least sort of see the point, but simple outright destruction of lights is just senseless. Losers. Anyway, the lights were pretty cool :) They had one whole section of icons from other holidays throughout the year all getting together to have christmas. It was a nice touch.

They also had an extensive selection of old moulded plastic lights, quite a departure from the masses of leds and rope light that seems to be the modern style. And my favourites, some beautiful christmas present shaped boxes on the ground, which had a small motor slowly opening and closing the lid of the gift box. They were really pretty.

Afterwards, we retired across the road, and with Helen, Erica, Ash and I all wielding cameras, we attempted to get a picture of the electrical storm developing behind the house. If I remember rightly, after we got tired of the lights, we all went into town to have a couple of beers as the younger generation, hitting up the Belgian Beer Bar and then some rather terrible bar, Union Jack's iirc, where I was hit on by a charming young man. He wanted to talk to me about my beard. This was becoming quite a running issue in Australia. Random men approaching me to talk about beards, or even just waving from across a bar and tugging their beard and nodding, like some secret brotherhood. Pity no-one told me I'd been inducted.