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The rotating magical blues band at Dillon

Pictures are at the bottom...

A third set of photos from the same day. I'd taken some photos around the harbours and seashores on my way home from work, then visited some art video installations and took more pictures, and then hearing about some other friends and a band playing at Dillon, and because I had my camera gear with me, well, I took some more!

And what a great night it turned out to be. The band didn't really get going until 10:30 or so, but they ended up playing, in one form or another, right through to 1am when the lights came on. A solid blues set to start with, then after a short break, the band starting morphing. I think I counted 5 singers, 3 drummers, 2 bassists, and a variety of guitarists, swapping guitars and roles. We had duets, we had solos, we had strumming baselines while drinking a beer, we even had some rap rhymes coming out at one stage.

Capturing the event was made tricky however, as usual, by Dillon's insistence on lighting the stage area with a single dark red stage light. It would be realyl nice if this could at least sometimes be a different colour, and preferably, one more light!

I _think_ I've got the names right for the people I have names for, but corrections, and additions for all the people not mentioned gladly appreciated!

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