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Our oldest resident, the Wurlitzer

Pictures are at the bottom...

As long as I've lived here there's been a giant old Wurlitzer upstairs on the landing. It was broken, or so I was told. It was certainly never plugged in. It was the sort of thing you could imagine selling for a chunk of money on ebay, but of course, buyers in Iceland were likely limited, and shipping would be prohibitive for just about anyone else.

Anyway, with the destruction of my beautiful home looming (still no date, I predict April-June) things that have value are starting to dissappear. (Though we just got a new resident who promptly installed a bar and extra walls into the attic room) Allegedly there was a buyer, coming around tomorrow, so Kjari got it halfway down the stairs, and attempted repairs. They got some things to turn, but it never really managed to load a record properly or play anything. I think all the belts are just worn out and too loose. It probably wouldn't need _much_ work to get it going, but it would probably need jukebox repair experience :)

Oh, the buyer hasn't materialized yet, so it's still here.

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