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Kylfan vs Tata - Bouncers and run chases

Pictures are at the bottom...

Just a few snaps from the great game. Kylfan defeated Tata, in a match unfortunately marred by the pitch sending up far too many bouncers, sending Lee and Sanjoy home with bloody faces. After starting off very well, but getting pinned down by Tata's bowling in the middle overs, and needing 35 off the last 20 balls or so, it came down to needing one off the last ball, and a mad dash single slightly besting the Tata fielders gave Kylfan a great win, sending them on to play against Ovingdean Wanderers on their weekend tour.

Next time I'll try and a) be on time, so I can play, not just score and take pictures, but also b) remember my long lens!

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