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Sunny weekend in Þórsmörk - Day 2

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In the morning we got to have a bit of a sleep in, as there was some cloud early on, but by 11am, it was back to being warm and sunny. Daníel had come down with chicken pox over night, so he was not all that excited by the prospect of more walking, and Unnur was hiding in the shade in her pajamas, so Sverrir and I went for a scramble up the side of the valley by ourselves for a while. Hot and sweaty in the jungle of the canyons, we had quite a nice scramble before returning to the ladies.

After packing up the tents, we drove back down to the hut at Langidalur and proceeded to spend the afternoon reading and munching in the sun and the shade. We'd heard that there was LOTS of traffic, and we didn't have any rush to be anywhere, and besides, we had great weather here. We could still see fog and boring weather down by the coast.

This was a really lovely afternoon, lounging in the afternoon sun with good company, and not a care in the world. Soft green grass, blue skies, white glaciers and grey mountains.

Eventually, we were invited for dinner with the wardens as well, giving two great bbq feasts in two days, before eventually, the weekend came to a close, and we had to head off home. Into the fog.

At least the fog made a startling contrast with the sunshine of the weekend, and was a new perspective on some of the sights of the road. And even better, along the way home I got given a birthday present! Unnur had snuck something along with her for the trip, and at 12:01 on the 7th, I got quite a surprise, thanks Unnur!

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