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Memories of Winter

Pictures are at the bottom...

People seem to lose a lot of gloves in winter. You can find single gloves all over town. I started picking them up. After a while I stopped again, because I'd filled a box of mismatched gloves, and had no real use for them at all.

With reykjavik arts approaching, I had a brainwave, and all of a sudden knew what I was going to do with the gloves. Also, I needed more!

With spring well in effect, I didn't find any more gloves, but I had enough. Late one night, I strung them all together on a line to hang downtown. They had a tag attached, saying, "Memories of Winter"

It didn't last long. Either I seriously underestimated the wind, (quite possible) or someone didn't like it. I came back the next afternoon to take some daytime pictures, and it was already in tatters. Below are a couple of pictures of making it, and strung up that night.