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Rockclimbing at Valshamar - Touching the rock again

Pictures are at the bottom...

Bjöggi and Eva had mentioned going climbing a few times, but I'd never really taken it too seriously. But over dancing and drinks at a friends house on friday night, it came up again. Bjöggi was going climbing with his friend Björn, and did we want to come along? Yes, I would go climbing. If I have people to go with, and people that know where to go, then sure, I'll try that again. Taking steps to say yes to more things is working out very well indeed.

I'd forgotten how much I loved climbing. We went to Valshamar, maybe 35-40min from home, part way along Hvalfjörður, in Eilifsdalur. It's only short, and narrow, but it's covered in bolts, and the rock was surprisingly firm and pleasant. Far better than my expectations. I led three routes, all easy, but after a late night rocking the night away in Kaffibarinn with friends, and not having tied into the sharp end in over three years, it was a great return.

There's some more routes to try, definitely, and the bolting is lovingly generous. Pity about the wind though. After three or four routes each, we rolled back into town. Björk and Sigur Rós were having their free concert in the botanicall gardens to raise awareness about nature and conservation, and although I don't particularly care for either of them that much it promised a great evening in the sun with friends.

I ran into 4 separate groups of friends, and saw heaps more. Half the town was there. I think they said 30,000 people attended.

And then, after such a fantastic weekend, I got to snuggle up in bed out of the wind, and sleep a well deserved sleep.

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