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All grain brewing with traditional Icelandic brewing herbs

Pictures are at the bottom...

On thursday I'd had two Icelandic brewers over for beer and brewing, and on Saturday, Sturli invited me over to drink some beer and do some experimental beers with him. He'd been doing some research on some old traditional bittering herbs at the university library, and was going to make a few test batches to try them out. It was also the first time I got to check out an all grain brew in person.

Much fun was had by all, we drank bitters, belgian goldens, stouts, worts with lichen, worts with lavendar and chamomile, worts with icelandic wild thyme. We discussed music, beer, beer and music. Icelandic grammar, Icelandic social norms, American social norms, certainly no American grammar.

So, a couple of pictures, just to show that there is brewing in Iceland. A real community almost even. There were some strange and unusual smells coming out today, and some curious tasters looking forward to the finished result.

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