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The bar is open

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The original story and details about building my kegerator are over in the beer side

I'd always planned on putting taps on the beer fridge, and after going to full time work again, and swapping some work for a bit of extra side cash, I decided to buy the taps. This worked out to about an extra 13,000 ISK, for three taps. I bought a few spares for the keg connections and nuts and bolts, so it could have been a bit cheaper, but not by much.

I also bought some hole saw drill bits, but they were crap, so after the first one, where I think I burnt out the bit, I used the hole saw bit to mark the circle, and then drilled a ring of 2mm holes, and then cold chiseled the hole out. It's not super pretty, but the tap flange covers it up, and it seems secure enough.

The "drip tray" is currently held on by magnets. I just needed something for tonight. I plan on getting either a 2l coke bottle, or something that can do the whole width one day. I'd also still like to make my own tap handles.

The inside also shows the frame I recently built to fit three kegs in there. This was totally worthwhile as it also meant I could have beers standing up on the floor. Previously I had bottles lying down on a top shelf, and lots of wasted space.

Now I just need more house guests to come and hang out :)