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The road less travelled - Þorlákshöfn to Krýsuvík

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With one of my regularly scheduled days off work, I decided I damn well needed to get out of town, away from a computer, and maybe even go for a walk. It was March, so the days were lengthening nicely, and this particular one was bright and sunny, if a little windy.

I took the road less travelled, between Þorlákshöfn and Krýsuvík. Stopping for a tourist knot sign, with just a name, Arnarker, and a little bit of gravel, with a line of coloured sticks leaading off north into the wilds, I decided it was time for a walk. There's no point owning all this nice goretex if you don't use it. I had all day, let's see where it goes.

After 25 min or so, I saw a picnic table in the distance. This was looking interesting. This was far too far away to be an actual picnic ground, but there was nothing else there.

Or was there? Turns out Arnarker is a lave tube cave about 500m long, and looks like it might be worth a visit in summer. Right now of course, it was rather choked with snow.

Driving on, negotiating snowy roads and slippery lake side one lane tracks, I eventually came to Krýsuvík. To be honest, there's better roads to drive. The road between Krýsuvík and Grindavík is far more scenic. I did stop and walk up to an old abandoned cabin though, which though rumbling as fast as it could, sure had a great location.

Another short stop and a short walk around at Kleifarvatn, which looked lovely covered in snow and ice, glittering under the sun, and I was home again home again.

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