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Hítardalur - going somewhere you've never been before

Pictures are at the bottom...

AGES ago now, back in May (I'm writing this in November after stumbling across some uncaptioned, unpublished photos) I went out on a day trip with Iveta, Johanna and Jade. I'd met Iveta during pub quiz at Kultura, hosted by the wonder women, Laurie and Verity, but I'd never met Johanna and Jade before. We were on a random voyage of exploration, and I can't remember anymore who's idea it was to go to Hítardalur, but that was where we went. It was something to do with going somewhere that none of us had ever been before.

We drove reasonably close to the lake, Hítarvatn, before washed out roads stopped us, and we walked the rest. It's a nice enough place, and we found lots of unusual rocks, white with green flecks, along the lake shore. Klifsborg, south west of the lake is an impressive looking chunk of cliff. The lake's nice enough, and we skipped rocks for a while, but I remember not feeling like anything was particularly photogenic. Perhaps I was just not in a photographic mood either :) It happens sometimes. If I remember correctly, afterwards we went and had lunch at Vegamót, and then went to the best hot pot in Iceland, at Stórahraun, before going home.